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  • A Full Measure
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    A Full Measure

      Chicken Pie
      Moravian Style Chicken Pie
      Beef Pot Roast Pie
      Millionaire Pie
      Pecan Pie
      Apple Pie
      Pumpkin Pie
      Chocolate Brownie Pie
      Key Lime Pie

  • As Good As It Gets
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    As Good As It Gets

      Mild Salasa
      Medium Salasa
      Extra Hot Salasa
      Butt Burner Salasa
      Mild Black Bean & Corn
      Medium Black Bean & Corn
      Hot Black Bean & Corn

  • Ashe County Cheese
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    Ashe County Cheese

      Jack & Dill
      Smoked Ghost
      Cheddar Mango
      Tomato Basil
      Carolina Bleu
      Mild Cheddar
      Sharp Cheddar
      Garden Vegetable
      Mountain Marble
      Pepper Jack
      Four Pepper

  • AuntSis
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    Aunt Sis Salsa

      Hot Salsa
      Medium Salsa
      Blueberry Pepper Jelly

  • Black Dog
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    Black Dog Gourmet

      Honey Ginger Sauce
      Honey Mustard Sauce
      Chicken & Rib Rub
      Mango Habanero Hot Sauce
      Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
      Steak & Burger Seasoning
      Classic Carolina BBQ Rub
      White Balsamic Reaper Hot Sauce
      Garlic Jalapeno Hot Sauce
      Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce

  • Blazing Foods
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    Blazing Foods

      Carolina Reaper Popcorn
      White Cheddar & Ghost Pepper Popcorn

  • Boar & Castle Sauce
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    Boar & Castle

      Boar & Castle Sauce

  • Burnin' Bees Hot Honey
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    Burnin Bees

      Carolina Reaper Infused Honey
      Ghost Pepper Infused Honey
      Habanero Infused Honey

  • Simply Caotic
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    Simply Caotic

      Scented Soap
      Scented Woodwick Candles
      Lip Balm

  • Cape Fear Pirate Candy
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    Cape Fear Pirate Candy

      Candied Jalapenos
      Candied Banana Peppers
      Bacon Salsa

  • Carolina Packers
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    Carolina Packers

      Beef Master Franks
      Red Hotdogs
      Smoked Sausage
      Smoked Turkey Sausage
      Country Link Sausage

  • Chad's Carolina Corn
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    Chad's Carolina Corn

      White Cheddar
      Jalapeno Cheddar
      Dill Pickle
      Buffalo Wing
      Salt & Vinegar
      Kettle Corn
      Caramel Corn
      Chad's Mix
      Dark Chocolate
      Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal)

  • Cheerwine
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      Diet Cheerwine

  • Cousin Eddie's BBQ Sauce
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    Cousin Eddie's BBQ Sauce

      BBQ Sauce
      XXX BBQ Sauce

  • Fishels
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    Libby Lane Gourmet - Fishels

      Moravian Style Chicken Pie

  • Flowers Bakery
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    Flowers Bakery

      Hamburger Buns
      Hotdog Buns
      Honey Wheat Loaf Bread
      Whole Wheat Loaf
      Old Fashion Loaf

  • Frank Corriher
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    Frank Corriher

      Breakfast Sausage
      Sliced Side Meat
      Center Sliced Country Ham
      Ham Chips
      Biscuit Pack Country Ham
      Sliced Ham Hock

  • Get It To Go
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    Get It To Go

      Cheese Straws
      Hot Cheese Straws
      Sugar Cake
      56 Days Cheese Straws

  • Hiatt's
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      Bread & Butter Pickles
      Grapeleaf Pickles
      Sliced Dill Pickles
      Whole Dill Pickles
      Mild Chow Chow
      Hot Chow Chow
      Pepper Relish
      Pickled Eggs
      Hot Pickled Eggs
      Whole Pickled Beets
      Sliced Pickled Beets
      Pickled Okra
      Hot Pickled Okra
      Stuffed Peppers

  • Hollies Pet
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    Hollies Pet

      Dog Bones

  • Homeland Creamery
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    Homeland Creamery

    • Chocolate Milk
    • Egg Nog (Seasonal)
    • Whole Milk
    • Low Fat Milk
    • Skim Milk
    • Buttermilk
    • Half & Half
    • Ice Cream (coming soon)

  • Houstons Peanuts
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    Houston's Peanuts

      Houston's Peanuts

  • James Caudill Honey
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    James Caudill Honey

      Local Honey
      Local Honey with Comb

  • Potato Cookers by Jane
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    Potato Cookers By Jane

      Potato Cooker

  • JB Dog Treat
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    JB Dog Treats

      Dog Treats - Various Sizes

  • TBD
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Local Isn't Just A Word To Us.

Buying local is more than just a catch phrase to us. We have been living by that statement for over eight decades. When John Musten and Dace Crutchfield opened in April of 1938, they didn't have the option to buy from huge warehouses. They bought meats and produce from local farmers. Grocery items where from small companies, some of which are now Fortune 500.

Kernersville has seven supermarkets to fullfill the needs of less than 30,000 people. Finding a way to stay competitive in this market has been a daunting task, but luckily, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in North Carolina. We slowly began adding these local, hard to find items to our shelves. Now we have close to 50 local vendors that supply products.

If you have a product that you would like us to consider adding to our shelves, please send us a message through our contact page.

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