Pimento Cheese:

3,000lbs - That's how much Pimento Cheese we make every week, on average.

It takes two people two full days to prepare the ingredients to make that much Pimento Cheese. Monday is manufacturing day. We have three people that do absolutley nothing but work on manufacturing our version of the South's Caviar. Once we have all the ingredients ready and mixed, it has to be packaged. Our packagers must weigh every package: 8oz, 16oz and 32oz, within .02 of a pound. Over the course of a year, they will have handled over 75 tons or 150,000 pounds of Pimento Cheese. Most of the time, they could turn the scales off and just use their hands to put the proper amount of Pimento Cheese in the package.


Pictured above are our three flavors.

The first, Original.

This is the same product that we have been making since 1938. Elva Musten created this Pimento Cheese as a simple yet efficient meal from her growing family. When her husband and son-in-law opened Musten & Crutchfield on April 11th, 1938, this was added to the inventory


The second picture, Bold, formaly known as "Hot".

This flavor was created by John Crutchfield in the early to late '90's. Recognizing that customers have diferent taste buds, some wanted heat added. Using Elva's Original Pimento Cheese flavor, jalapeno's were added and then pepper jack cheese. Sales of our Bold Pimento Cheese is quickly catching the Original Pimento Cheese.


The third picture, Carolina Reaper, is our newest offering.

This flavor was created in 2018. If you like extremely hot foods, this is the one for you. We add the World's Hottest Pepper - Carolina Reaper. The Carolina Reaper is so potent that we have to clear the kitchen, let our employees know and tell customers as they come in that we are processing the peppers. The Carolina Reaper peppers we use are grown right here in Kernersville, NC.



Nutritional Information: Original Pimento Cheese

Nutritional Information: Bold Pimento Cheese